Chickwagon Art Auction

“Standing Water” is part of the Chickwagon’s Art Auction on July 17. The selected images for the auction are on display at the Calgary Stampede Western Art Showcase starting July 7th. The “Chicks” are a dynamic group of woman who … Read More

One horse, two new looks

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I have rearranged our galleries a bit, creating one gallery for the Western images. Going through some of the images I realized that a few lacked that certain something that makes you want to linger on the photo. Many of … Read More

Willow Studio, Calgary AB

Willow Studio in Kensington, Calgary is great home furnishings/art gallery/interior design store rolled into one. An eclectic mix of oh so interesting pieces, constantly changing,  makes it a treat to walk into every time. “At the Trough” is on display … Read More

haunted house

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This abandoned, old house still held a lot of character. From the wringer washer still standing in the window, to the peeling paint adding a wash of color inside, but it was the creaking doors and eerie shadows that really … Read More