If you give a girl a crowbar…

She will want to take down a granary and make frames out of the reclaimed boards. I started off wanting with the grand idea of tackling the old barn across the road from my brother’s place.  But my brother looked at … Read More

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Panels

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Using boards from the inside of the granary that we dismantled, I selected 4 boards and cut them to size. I didn’t want to diminish the texture of the wood as the weathering had given it a lot of depth … Read More

New Reclaimed Wood for Next Show

Its kind of last minute but I just signed up for the Calgary Home and Design Show. It starts September 18. Yikes. That’s not even 3 weeks away but deadlines are always good for an adrenaline push to get things … Read More

using white space

White space in a picture traditionally shows up as white  from the canvas or art paper that it is printed on.  When using different substrates for artwork, the negative or white space allows the material it is printed on to … Read More

Prairie fence on reclaimed wood

This is another image from the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park series. The image isprinted direct to a sheet of aluminum.  Since the wire was reflecting the sunlight there were  blown out areas – but that meant that the aluminum showed … Read More