Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Panels

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Using boards from the inside of the granary that we dismantled, I selected 4 boards and cut them to size. I didn’t want to diminish the texture of the wood as the weathering had given it a lot of depth … Read More

New Reclaimed Wood for Next Show

Its kind of last minute but I just signed up for the Calgary Home and Design Show. It starts September 18. Yikes. That’s not even 3 weeks away but deadlines are always good for an adrenaline push to get things … Read More

Bison on Birch

I’m going to launch an online shop in May. Here’s one of the first products – mixed media printed direct to birch panel. Lighter parts of the image show the  grain and each piece will be a bit different depending … Read More

Bamboo with gloss

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Excited to have a variation of a favorite product available. Gloss finish to bamboo board, as shown on the sample below. The gloss infusion adds lots of shine to the image, similar to the high gloss coating used on some … Read More

Prairie fence on reclaimed wood

This is another image from the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park series. The image isprinted direct to a sheet of aluminum.  Since the wire was reflecting the sunlight there were  blown out areas – but that meant that the aluminum showed … Read More


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Embellished photo of my Dad’s horse, printed on fine art paper, mounted to birch panel with decorative copper nails. Final coating of wax for protection. 12″ x 12″. Sold at the Calgary Home and Garden Show and will be hung … Read More

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