In the gallery: images on metal and bamboo

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Titled: As Above. Direct print to 24″ x 36″ bamboo board. Really liking the grain of this dense, environmentally friendly board and it shows through slightly on the lighter areas of the image. The image was finished with a rough … Read More

Fall 2011 Newsletter – Why we think you’ll love fall, bamboo, metallics and more

The changing colours, signaling summer past and into autumn, has typically brought out my inner Chicken Little with scary thoughts – “winter is coming, winter is coming!”  But whether our hot August provided enough sun to stave off the impending … Read More

Back at the Ranch – in sepia

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Ten minutes from the outskirts of Calgary and you are out of civilization, not counting the bikers and hikers, cows and occassional deer. In keeping with Pantone’s colour trend for 2013 (browns are coming in strongly) the wide expanses &  … Read More

Go Big.

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Here are a couple shots of some of our art hanging – one in a commercial space, the other a living room. Bigger is better, let the picture really speak for the room. The first picture is “Isolation” on a … Read More