Bamboo with gloss

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Excited to have a variation of a favorite product available. Gloss finish to bamboo board, as shown on the sample below. The gloss infusion adds lots of shine to the image, similar to the high gloss coating used on some … Read More

Blowing in the Wind

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As a farmer’s daughter, there is something immensely fulfilling about harvest. Fields as far as you can see (and in Saskatchewan that’s pretty far) with variety of crops destined for people’s plates all over the world. When I grew up … Read More

Art at Calgary Stampede

At the Calgary Stampede – Western Art Showcase “Stormy Sky” is a   38″ x 16″print on metallic paper face mounted to acrylic, shown here from the Western Art Showcase at the Calgary Stampede. The Lightjet process for printing this … Read More

Field of peas (or dreams depending on the year)

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I grew up on a farm in sunny southwest Saskatchewan. This trail is just behind the yard on the home quarter. In case you were wondering what a whole quarter section of field peas looked like mid season here you … Read More