‘Stormy Sky’ shines at Canada Beef

A large 48″x 24″ limited edition print of Stormy Sky on acrylic was recently installed in the boardroom of Canada Beef in Calgary. This print is available at 3 different sizes in limited quantities of each. Call me for more information … Read More

Wild Winter Studio Sale

Damn it’s chilly out there. In Calgary we just got battered by an Arctic breeze that is bringing snow and bone chilling cold. So what better time to offer up a studio sale so you can shop online. Everyone else is … Read More

Calgary Home and Design Show 2014

      I am at the Calgary Home and Design Show from Thursday Sept 18 to Sunday 21st. I introduced a few new pieces including reclaimed wood frames and direct print to reclaimed boards (which has proved to be … Read More

New Reclaimed Wood for Next Show

Its kind of last minute but I just signed up for the Calgary Home and Design Show. It starts September 18. Yikes. That’s not even 3 weeks away but deadlines are always good for an adrenaline push to get things … Read More

Calgary Home and Garden Show 2013

Whew. The Calgary Home and Garden Show wrapped up on Sunday and I’m finishing deliveries today of pieces sold. Great turnout even after the snowfall we got on Sunday. Interesting reaction to the large (almost 4′x4′) old car picture “Parked”.  … Read More

4 Days at the Calgary Home and Design Show

Tired, and my feet are a little sore but it was worth it. Awesome response to the images and really enjoyed our location amongst a great group of artists. Our most common question from the people stopping by the booth … Read More

Cross-processed Seagulls – Bow River Series

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Seagull landing at the Bow River, Calgary. Slow shutter speed to capture the motion of the wings with a lightly cross-processed look. Taken in the fall 2011, as the leaves were falling among the rocks along the shore. Part of … Read More

In the gallery: images on metal and bamboo

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Titled: As Above. Direct print to 24″ x 36″ bamboo board. Really liking the grain of this dense, environmentally friendly board and it shows through slightly on the lighter areas of the image. The image was finished with a rough … Read More

Chickwagon Art Auction

“Standing Water” is part of the Chickwagon’s Art Auction on July 17. The selected images for the auction are on display at the Calgary Stampede Western Art Showcase starting July 7th. The “Chicks” are a dynamic group of woman who … Read More

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