Bamboo with gloss

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Excited to have a variation of a favorite product available. Gloss finish to bamboo board, as shown on the sample below. The gloss infusion adds lots of shine to the image, similar to the high gloss coating used on some … Read More

using white space

White space in a picture traditionally shows up as white  from the canvas or art paper that it is printed on.  When using different substrates for artwork, the negative or white space allows the material it is printed on to … Read More

New options for bamboo

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The darker bamboo panel provides a alternative to the natural, lighter bamboo board. The newest sample includes bevelled edges showcasing the interesting edges of the board. Pictures can be mounted to the board and protective with finish so there is … Read More

Bamboo panels

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This is the most eco-friendly product in the gallery. Here’s the reasons why: 1. Sustainable. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. So much so that the board we use  contributes to LEED® v3 certification under MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable … Read More

In the gallery: images on metal and bamboo

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Titled: As Above. Direct print to 24″ x 36″ bamboo board. Really liking the grain of this dense, environmentally friendly board and it shows through slightly on the lighter areas of the image. The image was finished with a rough … Read More

Fall 2011 Newsletter – Why we think you’ll love fall, bamboo, metallics and more

The changing colours, signaling summer past and into autumn, has typically brought out my inner Chicken Little with scary thoughts – “winter is coming, winter is coming!”  But whether our hot August provided enough sun to stave off the impending … Read More

Top 5 reasons why we love bamboo

If a board was rated a coolness scale this would get a 10.  It’s good looking and smart. Fine grain, smooth finish and  interesting edges, it is an excellent medium for an environmentally friendly art image. But there’s more: 1. … Read More

Alberta Wilderness Expo

On April 16 we set up the easels and some pictures as part of the tradeshow for the Alberta Wilderness Association‘s Climb the Tower fundraising event. Runners and spectators stopped by to look at our display. The most common comment … Read More