using white space

White space in a picture traditionally shows up as white  from the canvas or art paper that it is printed on.  When using different substrates for artwork, the negative or white space allows the material it is printed on to … Read More

Prairie fence on reclaimed wood

This is another image from the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park series. The image isprinted direct to a sheet of aluminum.  Since the wire was reflecting the sunlight there were  blown out areas – but that meant that the aluminum showed … Read More

Alberta Wilderness Expo

On April 16 we set up the easels and some pictures as part of the tradeshow for the Alberta Wilderness Association‘s Climb the Tower fundraising event. Runners and spectators stopped by to look at our display. The most common comment … Read More

Art Show at Willow Studio in Kensington

Aluminum gives a unique look different from canvas, acrylic or even metallic photographic paper. It has texture and shine adding depth and highlights. The light glances off this image and with the addition of the transference pigments, the picture seems … Read More