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Round, Round We Go

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It may be hip to be square but rounder is cooler.

Most things in nature don’t meet the confines of a perfect 90 degree angle. Straight lines? Forget about it. Nature’s design meanders, curves and flows. So with that in mind, I’m introducing a line of round prints.

The round option is available in three formats – fine art prints, birch panels and circular metal prints.

Fine art prints will be printed onto square sheets of paper in sizes of 12×12, 16×16, 20×20 and 24×24 inches, with white border around the image.

Birch panels are made from sustainably harvested wood from Canada and the image is printed direct with UV cured inks. Since no white is printed, the grain and texture of the wood shows through the lighter areas. With 1.5″ thick panels, the images can hang on the wall as you would a canvas, with no need for framing. deer-round-print-mockup-1b

close up of image to show the detail of the birch panel
close up of image to show the detail of the birch panel showing through


Images are also available as metal prints and these are all the way round – the metal is cut into a circle. While the birch panel shows off the grain of the wood, the aluminum panels are sleek and finished with a gloss. These tough prints can be hung basically anywhere and boast some of the best test results for longevity.


If you are interested in taking this idea for a spin, check out the images and let me know which one you would like to see in a circle. Custom orders are always welcome. Contact me for pricing or to request a mock up so you can see what your favourite image would look like in this format. I will also be adding more round images to the Etsy store over the next couple of weeks.