Round, Round We Go

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It may be hip to be square but rounder is cooler. Most things in nature don’t meet the confines of a perfect 90 degree angle. Straight lines? Forget about it. Nature’s design meanders, curves and flows. So with that in mind, I’m … Read More

The Red Granary

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Sometimes its the little things that are the most striking. This Saskatchewan wheat field image highlights a red granary on the horizon against a blue sky. This piece was printed on fine art paper and finished with encaustic wax (beeswax and … Read More

Photo Encaustic – True Love

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I have been experimenting with beeswax and damar resin as a coating for my fine art prints for awhile. Lots of trial and error, reading about mixtures, application, finishing. But I finally think I have it down now to a … Read More

‘Stormy Sky’ shines at Canada Beef

A large 48″x 24″ limited edition print of Stormy Sky on acrylic was recently installed in the boardroom of Canada Beef in Calgary. This print is available at 3 different sizes in limited quantities of each. Call me for more information … Read More

Signed and ready to roll

The newest order is signed and ready to roll . . . into a tube for shipping. This one is off to Georgia, USA. “Deep Down” the blended image of a painting and a photographic reflections of trees on the … Read More

Almost Monochrome

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I prefer colour. In most situations I’m drawn to the bold and bright. But sometimes, something a little more subdued is called for. Calmer neutrals, I have found, have a place too. With just a hint of colour, I call … Read More

Wild Winter Studio Sale

Damn it’s chilly out there. In Calgary we just got battered by an Arctic breeze that is bringing snow and bone chilling cold. So what better time to offer up a studio sale so you can shop online. Everyone else is … Read More

If you give a girl a crowbar…

She will want to take down a granary and make frames out of the reclaimed boards. I started off wanting with the grand idea of tackling the old barn across the road from my brother’s place.  But my brother looked at … Read More

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Panels

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Using boards from the inside of the granary that we dismantled, I selected 4 boards and cut them to size. I didn’t want to diminish the texture of the wood as the weathering had given it a lot of depth … Read More

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